We are focused on building strong partnerships that are built to last. 

How to invoice Cushman & Wakefield?

If you have a relationship with Cushman & Wakefield and wish to submit an invoice, follow these four steps: 

1. Speak to your Cushman & Wakefield contact and confirm:

  • their full name
  • the correct legal entity 
  • the relevant business codes
  • the email address you should submit your invoice to

2. Create your invoice. Address it to your key Cushman & Wakefield contact person and state the correct legal entity for your invoice. 

3. Include all relevant business codes provided to you. 

4. Submit your invoice to the correct email address, as advised by your key contact person.

Can I get an update on the status of my invoice?

Your Cushman & Wakefield contact will tell you how to track the status of your payment.

We will soon be updating this page with information on how to become a new supplier. Thank you for your patience.

You can contact us for any further finance queries.