We lease or purchase all types of office accommodations including multi-tenant buildings, business and office parks, and even mixed-use scenarios. We offer innovative transaction structuring, financing expertise, and cutting-edge marketing to secure the best possible results when leasing offices.

We understand the time sensitivity involved in office real estate needs, and we ensure your best interests are secured in this fast moving market. 

Tenants, investors, and developers of office property that need innovative and well-researched advice come to us. You may require any of the following:

Lease or purchase – tenant representation

We help you to make an informed decision between leasing or purchasing office space using a balanced and well-researched database of real-time market data. Is the market ripe for buying or selling? Leasing or owning? We help you make that choice.

Landlord options

We assist in development decisions, the renting, purchasing and sale of buildings for landlords, helping realize the potential of real estate assets.

Advisory and planning

We offer comprehensive and in-depth research and analysis to enable you to make fully informed decisions regarding all options for your investment.

Experience and Resources

We have practical and in-depth experience in rent reviews, arbitration, lease renewal, lease restructuring/re-gearing, and dilapidations We operate on a global basis with office leasing specialists located in 253 offices in 60 countries around the world. Since 1991, C&W Lisbon office team has been responsible for the leasing of some of the most relevant office buildings in the Greater Lisbon area.